“I just rang to say how much I appreciate the wonderful job that you did on my gyrocopter. . . . . . . It was a complicated job, but you have done it very well.”  –  Colin Wood, Cromwell  (on rotor + frame repairs to crashed Parsons tandem gyrocopter, Oct 2013)


Shadow FMY - 3 workers @ Manapouri (1024px)

“Bruce, no need to discuss your time taken, I know you have done the best possible. . . . Thanks for all you have done.”   –  Jeff Bannister, Christchurch   (on airframe repairs + upgrades to grounded Shadow, Feb 2012) 

“I wouldn’t have sold my damaged Shadow to just anyone. Bruce has the skills to fix it properly.”  –  Murray Hagen, Manapouri   (on selling his Shadow re-build project to Bruce Conway, Jan 2010) 
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