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Microlight aircraft services


  • Restore ‘classic’ microlights to bring them back to life
  • Complete unfinished homebuilt aircraft projects
  • Construct new microlight kitsets


  • Repair damaged airframe, undercarriage, struts + windows
  • Carry out maintenance + CAA/factory Service Bulletins
  • Remedy faults found by the inspector or pilot


  • Do recommended factory upgrades
  • Design, test + build modifications
  • Fit portable avionics, instruments + lights
  • Obtain CAA approval for modifications

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Re-build carbon cowlings

The top and bottom cowlings of a Rans S6 microlight needed quite a bit of re-building after a prop blade parted company with the hub just on take-off.  For a brief moment, the engine thrashed on its mountings and did lots of damage. The area behind the spinner was smashed and the cowling mounting holes where torn.

I carefully grafted in new carbon and repaired the cracks, taking care not to increase the laminate thickness.  The cowling mounting holes were reinforced with alloy inserts.  Since a different type of engine was being fitted a few changes were made to oil inspection flap, exhaust pipe cutaway, etc.

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