Microlight Aircraft Services


  • Restore ‘classic’ microlights to bring them back to life
  • Complete unfinished homebuilt aircraft projects
  • Build new microlight kitsets


  • Repair damaged airframe, undercarriage, struts + windows
  • Carry out annual maintenance tasks 
  • Comply with CAA Airworthiness Directives + factory Service Bulletins
  • Remedy faults found by the inspector or pilot


  • Do recommended factory upgrades
  • Design, test + build modifications
  • Fit portable avionics, instruments + lights
  • Obtain CAA approval for modifications

Is this your plane?

  • homebuilt project that’s taking far too long?
  • new microlight/LSA kitset to be assembled?
  • damaged cowling, wheel pants or fairings?
  • crash damaged?
  • grounded by the inspector?
  • Service Bulletins to be complied with?
  • neglected ‘rag + tube’ microlight sitting in your shed?
  • windscreen needs replacing?
  • wings re-covered or paintwork seen to?
  • portable GPS or VHF radio to fit?
  • instruments or lights to install?
  • factory upgrades to do?
  • little things that annoy you?

Keen to get quality work done on your microlight or LSA?