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about Fly Micro


Bruce Conway is available to build, restore, repair, upgrade or modify your LSA, microlight or ultralight aircraft.

He loves to make things that work well. Bruce has many years experience with lightweight construction and is happy using traditional or hi-tech materials.* He has a sound understanding of design processes and engineering principles. If he doesn’t know something, then he asks for technical advice from microlight or LSA experts in his local and overseas networks.

If you value craftsmanship, good communication, efficient project management and fair pricing, then click to contact Fly Micro  – get Bruce to ‘breathe life’ into your plane.

* Specialising in microlight/ultralight/LSA airframe, undercarriage, controls, instruments + electrics

Glue, laminate, rivet, bolt, machine, weld, corrosion-proof, paint

Carbon, kevlar + glass composites; ply + spruce; aluminium, steel + cromoly metals; polycarbonate, UHPE, nylon + flexi-PU plastics; rigid XPS + PU foams; SS wire + Teleflex cables; polyester fabric; AN + MS hardware

I have access to hi-tech materials, aircraft parts, qualified engineers + welders, licensed aircraft inspectors + mechanics, and expert aviation advice

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 Sorry, I don’t do restricted work on GA aircraft, unless we sub-contract a LAME to supervise. 

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Recent Posts

Canopy windows

new canopy windows for 1989 Shadow ZK-KLHOver the past few weeks, I’ve been able to return to re-building my 1989 CFM Shadow ZK-KLH.

The next task was to make new canopy windows. Unfortunately, I couldn’t source tinted 1.5mm polycarbonate in New Zealand, so had to settle for clear windows. The old windows made good patterns, not only giving me the correct outline shape, but also allowing me to pre-drill the rivet holes.

rear canopy window with twin latches on Shadow ZK-KLHEach rear window had a single central latch which resulted in bent lower tubes, so I opted to replace these with twin latches to securely hold the window closed. I machined new latch axles from solid alloy and filed two ‘flats’ to positively locate each inner lever (i.e. it no longer relies on friction to stop the inner lever from rotating out of alignment). Overall, these new latches are stronger and more secure, but only a few grams heavier.

machined axle of new rear canopy latch (Shadow ZK-KLH)

The rear windows also have a full-length lower tube (with a matching horizontal cut-out in the rear bulkhead), so that the lower rear corner of the window is not floppy. Where each latch is drilled, there is an alloy sleeve to strengthen the tube and reduce the tendency for the axle hole to wear.

PS: You can see the small side windows that were added to the canopy shroud. They will give the rear passenger a better forward view.

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